Plaintiffs Aim to Distort Trafficking Laws over Labor Dispute, Threatening Nursing Solutions

Noah Peters, former Solicitor at the Federal Labor Relations Authority, wrote a recent piece in Law360 that examines a mundane labor dispute in which the plaintiffs claim human trafficking and RICO laws have been violated. The claims would massively expand the scope of those laws and undermine the future of innovative healthcare solutions that assuage…

Healthcare Expert Weighs in on Mitigating the Nursing Shortage

For decades, medical professionals and industry experts have warned of an extreme shortage of registered nurses nationwide. As the aging population grows and COVID-19 impacts still linger, nurses have become overwhelmed and many have opted for retirement – reducing the quality of care for patients. McKinsey estimates that, without any meaningful solution, the U.S. could…

Our Aging Population Will Increase Strain on the Healthcare System

Registered nurses are the glue that keeps medical facilities together. Serving as patient advocates and skilled care providers, nurses provide a high level of direct care to patients. However, sustaining the United States healthcare workforce is a daunting task. Concerns surrounding a potential nursing shortage have loomed for years, and the situation has only worsened….

Understaffed Nursing Homes Are Most Severe in Disadvantaged Areas

Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in the U.S., accounting for about 4 million registered nurses. Filling a critical role in the function of hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes, nurses provide expert care from birth to the end of life. However, the need for RNs has surged during the pandemic. This, combined with an…

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