In times of need, it’s critical that policymakers implement legislation that could offer immediate reprieve. Now, as the healthcare sector faces a shortage of up to 20% of the entire nursing workforce, policymakers should pass the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, or HWRA. This bipartisan legislation recaptures previously issued but unused immigrant visas and redistributes them to qualified healthcare professionals who are seeking employment in the United States but are mired in an unnecessary bureaucratic backlog.

In recent op-eds, experts detailed how the HWRA recognizes the invaluable contributions that international healthcare professionals could bring to the United States amid this critical shortage. The HWRA not only supports the expansion of the healthcare workforce but also promotes quality care for all Americans. By prioritizing the wellbeing of both patients and healthcare professionals, the HWRA benefits all.

The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act would quickly improve the nursing shortage situation and its harmful effects on patients. Read more from the Pacific Research Institute’s Wayne Winegarden here, and the Consumer Choice Center’s Elizabeth Hicks here.